Head2Head Blackjack Tournaments at Silver Dollar Casino

Blackjack tournaments are a great benefit of online gambling. You take the game that you already love and play it in a different way. Casinos often have rule variations, side bets and other things that change the game, but brick and mortar casinos rarely have blackjack tournaments. Online, though, there are several good casinos for them, including Silver Dollar Casino.

Right now there is a good blackjack tournament going on. Every Monday through Thursday, the casino runs a Head2Head tournament. In this tournament, you entirely cut out the dealer. Instead of a bunch of players competing against the dealer, two players go head to head. It’s your cards against one other person’s cards. The person with the most points from the most wins makes their way to the top of the leader board and at the end of the tournament, the top players win prizes.

The Head2Head blackjack tournament is played on the US Blackjack game. The buy-in for the tournament is only $5, which is one of the smaller entry fees you’ll find. The prize pool is made up of the pot, so the more people join your tournament, the more money you can win. Of course, you will also have more competition then as well.

On the weekends, Silver Dollar Casino offers a different kind of blackjack tournament. From Friday through Sunday, you can take part in the Weekend Blackjack Classic. This is a more conventional game, where players compete against the dealer. The players who win the most money against the dealer will win prize money. In this case, the tournament has a $5,000 prize pool. Both of those tournaments can be found at Silver Dollar Casino.

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