Woman shuts down online blackjack in entire country

Online blackjack players in Armenia suddenly had all access to the online casino ripped away recently. The casinos, tournaments, and all access to the Internet was shut down by a single person: a 75-year-old woman in the Republic of Georgia.

On March 28, Aishtan Shakarian was savanging for scrap metal. During her searches, she accidentally damaged an “international fiber-optic cable that connects much of the southern Caucasus to Europe,” according to the Wall Street Journal. When she cut through the cable with her shovel, parts of Georgia lost connection to the Internet and the entire country of Armenia was knocked offline.

The country was entire offline for approximately 12 hours, unable to read the news, play at online casinos, watch Youtube, look at porn or anything else. That’s a lot of people affected by one woman searching for copper wire to sell.

Shakarian was arrested by Georgian authorities, though I’m sure the Armenian people wanted a piece of her as well. The woman faces a fine and community service or, as a worst-case scenario, one year in prison for the destruction of property. Because of her age, a police spokesman says that he “is not expecting the prosecution to push for a strict punishment.”

According to Georgian police, people scavenging for copper wires is common. Sale of scrap metal is also common in Georgia. They say that this isn’t the first time someone has cut the fiber-optic wire when scavenging for metal. The good news is that the Internet is back up and running in Georgia, Armenia and the rest of the Southern Caucasus region of Eastern Europe.

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