Delaware Considering Adding Table Games

Here is what I know about Delaware: It is an American state. It’s in the northeast. It gets pretty cold in the winter. It is close to Maryland, which means it probably has a lot of politicians who can afford to live outside of D.C. And that’s all.

But now that tiny, inconsequential state is making some news. The state’s lawmakers are considering legalizing table games, including blackjack, poker and craps. Yesterday, the House Gaming and Pari-mutuels Committee voted in favor of a bill that allows card and dice games at slot machine casinos in the state. It should be noted that the state already has a state lottery and allows betting on horse races and NFL games.

In the state Senate, a bill was approved that intends to prevent cheating on table games. The aforementioned House bill has cleared the committee but still has yet to come to a vote in the full House.

If passed and signed into law, the “great” state of Delaware would be able to add legalizing table games to their list of accomplishments. Their current list includes: becoming a state.
In exchange for allowing table games, the government would receive anywhere from $5 million to $13.5 million from each casino for licensing fees, depending on their revenue. In addition, the casinos would receive 66% of the gross revenue made from table games, with 29% going to the state and 4.5% going to horse racing purses.

Some state lawmakers feel that the casinos get to keep too large a part of the revenue. The splitting of revenue was determined after long negotiations between each party. According to the Associated Press, if passed as it is, it would be the “second-highest rate of return for any state that allows table games.”

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