Blackjack Odds

Find The Best Odds For Playing Online Blackjack

Blackjack odds are perhaps the most important fundamental of the game that many casual players overlook or do not take the time to learn properly. Understanding how the decisions, rules and games affect that outcome of a winning hand is something that every online blackjack player should know to help maximize their wins. Our detailed blackjack odds section shows you everything you need to know about how to play the odds correctly and how they work. See the sections below:

Basic Blackjack Odds: This section speaks about the basic odds in blackjack and teaches the player different advantage percentages based on the dealer's up card along with information on the likelihood of a bust depending on the players combined blackjack hand value.

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Blackjack Odds Based On Game Variation: The games odds section shows players how variations of blackjack or different blackjack games can change the odds both in favour for the house and the player.

<Blackjack Odds According To Rules: This section deals with how different changes in rules to a blackjack game change the winning odds for the player. It examines specifically on a percentage base how each rule impacts the win %.

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