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OnlineBlackjack.org provides information about online blackjack including online casinos, blackjack software, strategy information, rules, betting tips and much more. Before you start playing blackjack online for real money you need to understand the major differences between online blackjack and the land based version of the game. One thing about blackjack, also know as 21, is that when you know how to play you can consistently beat the casino. This is the only game with which you can actually do that frequently. Sure with poker it can be done, but in that case you are beating other people. With blackjack, you are actually beating the casino. This is why we create onlineblackjack.org, becuase of our passion for the game. We love to play blackjack and we love even more the satisfaction of winning money at the casino time and again. At onlineblackjack.org we will teach you how to do just that, beat the casino more than they beat you.

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